coming to America…..

There are quite a few stories that deserve to be heard about the experience of coming to America.  There are lots of opinions out there about immigration, and I have heard a lot of the comments and concerns, fears and desires on all sides.  But until hearing a few of the stories from those that have lived the experience themselves, both before coming, during the journey, and then upon arriving, I don’t think I had enough information from those who truly lived it.  It is easy to lose perspective on what really matters when deferring to all those “experts” out there.  With so much information coming at us, I generally still feel that I am barely informed.

I won’t try to retell any stories myself, but taking the time to listen to podcast #315 from NPR’s radio show Snap Judgment was eye opening for me.  It may reframe the issue in a way that will make you question where you stand.


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