An idea journal and peace of mind…..

I have recently discovered that for me, there is a very surprising relationship between keeping a journal and my peace of mind.  I don’t think I have really kept a journal (or diary) for more than a few days or weeks since I was 12.  Even then it was a very boring list of what I did each day, and definately not scandalous although I was always hesitant about writing something personal that someone could pick up and read.  I generally ripped those pages out a few days or weeks later, shredding them quickly.  So, this whole blog thing for me is a pretty interesting, and scary, concept.   So out of necessity due to all the ideas I was getting from reading Great by Choice this month, and since I don’t want to drive away traffic from this blog by posting a bunch of…..stuff, I had to write these ideas down somewhere just in case I ever want to actually do something about them!

So I thought I would start keeping what I call an idea journal.  Very simple.  Not too crazy or risky.  And being a lover of learning (and I did love school, especially taking notes, which I am sure is very odd), I started going to that journal at times I wasn’t reading my book.  I would get an idea about something to do differently at work or at home, something I needed to research further based on a podcast I heard or a conversation with a colleague, and I would reach for that journal.  And while reading the book is really sparking some good ideas, I realized that I have a lot of ideas in general, but I had previously chosen to disregard them or hope I remembered them for a later time.

So this peace of mind came to me because I have a  place to go to retrieve these things.  But even more than that, I am quite surprised at how many things I am interested in, how much I have to learn, and that by looking at this journal every day I have actually researched and learned a lot about things in my everyday world (like my company, our products, my colleagues, and myself)!

Take the time to keep an idea journal this week.  You may be surprised at how many ideas you have floating through your head and what you should take time to learn more about this week; it may spark some new passion in you, as it has done for me.  Seems to me like a good choice about how to spend some time.


4 thoughts on “An idea journal and peace of mind…..

  1. I love taking notes too! When I go to a convention I always take notes, and I actually review them later. I have a study library full of ideas from those events. Love the idea of just a general idea journal–I’m so excited to follow you on this amazing personal journey!

  2. I’m commenting again because I thought about this a lot today. I heard DEan talk about it as well, and also thought about something else. You said the other night that you have to do something new, something different so that you can be excited about it. I never realized, consciously, that I am that way, too. The journal is what started this stream of ideas and parts chunking into place for me, so I just wanted to tell you that. Let’s see where this goes. 😀

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