context matters…..

I really like it when I hear about movers and shakers out there implementing new and creative ideas.  Whether it is about performance management, training, or recruitment and selection, I immediately start thinking through all the ways it might work in my world, how it could be implemented, who I would need to talk to, what I should do next.  And then I hit that wall where I think about feasibility, and push-back, and the impact if things go wrong, and I settle back in to how things have always (relatively) been done.  But recently I have heard a lot about some exciting, and very outside-the-box ideas like doing away with using resumes for assessing candidates – did I read that right?

A recent post on the Upstart HR blog, How to Read a Resume for Culture Fit, and accompanying video covers some creative ways to improve the selection process, like instead of having candidates submit resumes, they submit social media profiles.  He mentions this provides context into the job experience/knowledge of the candidate, and can be interactive to provide additional visual/contextual information helpful in assessing fit for the job and for the company.  The video mentions that this allows the recruiter and hiring manager to see “the whole person” rather than a piece of paper when assessing fit for the team and the organization.

After pondering this for a few days, I decided that I think it is worth a try.  It is not a secret that many of us work a lot of hours each week, spending more time with our teams at work than we do with our spouse and families at home.  We get to know the whole person as we work together and collaborate on ideas, complete projects, and work towards common goals.  Ensuring we look for creative ways to find candidates that will be happy with where they landed tells me that we are moving in the right direction, regardless of the method.

I know there is not one solution that will work everywhere, and sometimes we need ideas to resonate with us a little before stepping out into the unknown, but knowing someone is ready to leap first really inspires me to be creative, to brainstorm continuously, and to be open to new ways of thinking.  And, I should probably start looking into what my social media profile would say…..


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