using DISC for self-reflection…

Manager Tools wins the top award in the 2008 P...

Manager Tools wins the top award in the 2008 People’s Choice Podcast Award (Photo credit:

Thinking about my choices around positive life changes this month as I read Great by Choice, I decided to do some research into something I have heard a lot about when listening to Manager Tools podcasts, but haven’t taken the time to fully understand.  I spent some time listening to their numerous podcasts about DISC and downloaded some of their free pdf’s.

It is hard to listen and learn about DISC and not run through all your friends and the people in your life, categorizing them into the 4 types.  And then hearing them describe my own style made me laugh and occasionally be a bit embarrassed about how others probably perceive me.

These tools can sometimes go overboard and cause us to stereotype others and put up more walls than we take down.  But my big take-away was a statement around intentions versus behavior.  Simply, we see our intentions (in ourselves); others see our behavior.  Using the tools to identify how our behaviors may be impacting our relationships and communication with others, regardless of our intention, is definitely helpful in my book.  And remembering that one style is not better than another, and that each of us tends to be a little bit of all 4 styles, can help us relax about our differences.

After listening to a few of the podcasts I got the gist and wanted to move on (this is definitely indicative of my own style).   My advice is to use the tools and be reflective about yourself, but be careful about categorizing people into boxes and assuming that they are consistently only one style or another.  I don’t think that will be helpful to anyone.


2 thoughts on “using DISC for self-reflection…

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  2. I am also a passionate listener of the manager tools and career tools podcast. As you write, it is difficult no to go through your peers, boss and friends with the framework in your mind. For me it is a guideline and the trick is to let the individual be him or herself (and not a high D, low I, high S and low C). Theories work, but intuition and social intelligence work better.

    Peter, blogger at

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