taking the next step…

Watching the athletes at the Olympics this summer is a constant reminder of the dedication needed to achieve a challenging goal, and that in a split second success or failure is determined.  It may be in foot placement one inch to the right or the left, but ultimately is about maintaining focus while the world is watching.   It is hard to detect, but something that can be sensed, even when watching an event on TV, is the difference between someone completely focused and someone distracted and nervous, failing with each second.  How we recover, learn from errors, and get back into the game is the skill that will determine our ability to ultimately succeed.  Much easier said than done, and especially when we are not sure what next step to take.  I have found that I need external guidance, a pep talk, so to speak, with some words of encouragement that can get me in the right mind space again and remind me that the longer I fail to act, the harder it will be to achieve success.

In the blog post, The Cure for Pessimism, there are some good ideas about moving on, literally and figuratively.  I also suggest The War of Art, which provides some good advice, in an easy to read style, with opportunities to laugh out loud.  There are a lot of resources out there, but just taking a step, even if it doesn’t offer much at first, can get you going.

From someone who tends to be more of a “Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim…..” type, getting to “Fire” can be a challenge, especially after taking one, or three, or more steps back.  But knowing where to look and then just doing something, anything to propel me forward, is an important lesson and one I try not to forget.


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