its not a strength issue, it is a mind issue…

Gymnastics and diving have been the events I have spent most of my time watching during these Olympic games.  I tend to leave the TV on as I do other things, but today in the background, I heard a story that I had to write about.  Holley Mangold, an athlete representing the US for Women’s Weightlifting, mentioned today that people assume she is not an Olympian and are surprised when they learn she is competing.  Her belief in herself helped her overcome the initial “no” and earn her spot when she wanted to play on the football team in high school.  She has to overcome the stereotypes others place on her even as an Olympian.  I can see in her performance that she won’t let others hold her back.  Her fellow US Olympian, Sarah Robles, was also an inspiration.  The strength they have in their bodies is no match for the strength they need to demonstrate in their minds in order to compete in this sport.  They both finished in the top 10 and they are my role models today!

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