apply it, don’t repeat it…

Mistakes happen. I really, really, really hate to make mistakes. For me it is not (always) about being embarrassed by the mistake, or being frustrated with myself, but simply about the inefficiency of it all.  I want to get on with things.  I want to make progress.  But mistakes make you literally mis-take, and you need to take one or possibly twenty steps back.  When I was reading more of Great by Choice this week I loved seeing a reference to the fact that 10xers do, indeed, make mistakes. Making them and learning from them is what Jim Collins calls “expensive tuition”, and stresses that learning from them and then applying, not repeating, those mistakes, can propel companies and individuals into greatness. 10xers learn more from mistakes than most of us, and maybe they make better mistakes.  Regardless, the idea of mistakes being “expensive tuition” helped me realize that maybe mistakes are not about inefficiency at all. If the mistake now improves performance and efficiency in the future, are mistakes actually efficient learning tools?


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