whose role is it to develop a relationship with HR…

I’ve mentioned that I highly recommend the Manager Tools podcasts and website as a resource for managers, and especially for HR professionals.  So I was excited, and a little nervous, as noticed the most recent podcast on my iPod, How to Effectively Use HR.  Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne have been critical of HR in the past, but any critical remarks have generally motivated me to understand their perspectives in ways that would make me a better HR professional.  I must admit that upon reflection, I typically do think of one, or twenty, ways I could adjust my approach or style, based on their perspective.

I was really pleased as I listened to this latest podcast, which was not about what HR professionals get wrong, but instead, ways that managers should build relationships with their HR support team.  By discussing the accountability of managers to proactively reach out to their HR support staff, and their role and responsibility to develop a relationship, was excellent reinforcement of a concept most of us talk about among ourselves (or should I say, vent about?).  Although we talk about it, I am not sure that us preaching to the choir does much good.  However, Mark and Mike at Manager Tools taking the time on this important topic, and part 1 of 3 no less, may make a difference, especially to great HR professionals that are receptive and reciprocate.


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