mistakes don’t mean elimination…

Reality Television

Reality Television (Photo credit: badjonni)

Every night you can find a reality TV show on one of the major networks.  Being a foodie, I tend to watch the ones that revolve around cooking.  Otherwise, I haven’t been much interested.  But I was wondering recently if the concept of mistakes equaling elimination is having any effect on how mistakes are viewed in general, especially in the workplace, as well as our approach towards performance in general.

We all have examples in our own lives when a mistake, maybe an especially painful one, did ultimately lead to learning and hopefully to success.  I can’t help but wonder if these shows are impacting our comfort level with making mistakes, creating an unhealthy competitiveness with others, and driving us toward a sense of perfectionism that is not realistic.

We tend to remember our own mistakes more than others do.  Don’t see your own mistakes as a means of being eliminated, be it from career advancement or your credibility.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.  Remember that friends and colleagues that truly know you want you to be successful.  Strive for collective team performance rather than just individual performance.  We are not in a reality TV show!


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