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Audience (Photo credit: thinkmedialabs)

I really enjoy Seth Godin’s blog, his books, and his outlook.  The blog post on Saturday, titled “Six audiences“, caused me to think about how the audience that HR professionals focus on (the employees, the candidates, and leadership), impacts how we approach our role and our decisions.  Our focus changes all the time, from hour to hour on some days, and maybe we go days or weeks with the same audience in mind at other times.  Which audience we focus on is regularly influenced by the culture of the organization we work for, and by our experience level (right out of college and still needing a lot of guidance vs. executive level).  It is also influenced as we find our own style of working, what we are passionate about, what excites us about our profession.

Why does this matter?  I believe that we have a unique role in an organization because we truly have to blend these “audiences” as we make decisions and approach our work.  Being focused too much on one audience or another limits our ability to engage with those outside of HR.  It is also important that we are conscious of what is impacting our decisions in one direction or another, rather than doing it the way we have always done it…..

As I make decisions this week I am going to keep this in mind, and try to remember I need to widen the scope.  I am interested to see how it “changes everything I do.”


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