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Regardless of profession or personality, I believe that everyone aspires to do their very best; but what happens when we hit a wall regarding our ideas, motivation, or creativity?  I am a firm believer that my inner critic, aka, my inner perfectionist, regularly quashes my creativity.  It sends me on a wild goose chase and distracts me from my best ideas.  Being able to silence my inner perfectionist helps me tap into a creative mind-space that enhances my motivation, my passion, and my life.

Breaking out takes consciousness – hardly ever do I notice I am here until after the fact.  It also requires help from people who understand and agree that being a creative perfectionist is like driving a car using square wheels – it just won’t work.

Drawing your self-portrait or writing with the opposite hand will only take you so far.  These are prescribed methods to get you somewhere that you can’t define or acknowledge until you feel it, see it, and live it.  For me, trying new things breaks me out of my inner perfectionist, simply because I don’t know enough yet to over-think everything!  It is hard to be a perfectionist when you are learning along the way.  So when I started taking the online class Blogging from the Heart with Susannah Conway, I immediately started reading one of her suggested books, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  My experience reading this book is like sitting with a mentor and teacher, being guided by someone who can help me laugh at myself, while giving me the freedom to find my own way.  I like that it doesn’t give us a prescription for “success”, whatever that even means.  It guides us, makes us think, and laugh, and reminds us that there are others out there fighting their inner perfectionist imperfectly each day.

Over the last 3 weeks I have continued to go back to this book again and again for wisdom, insight, and a reminder to enjoy the journey along the way.


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