distraction or performance enhancer?…

The perspective on social media in the workplace has changed drastically over the last 2-3 years. From the view that it is a distraction that employers need to block to ideas of fully embracing it in the workplace as a way to enhance connectivity and employee engagement, the range of opinions is broad. But whether employers are blocking it or embracing it, it appears that employees are using it in the workplace anyway.

Check out this article and related Silkroad report that clearly outlines this point. Even if companies are blocking social media sites, it appears that employees are probably using their personal mobile devices frequently during the workday anyway, and it appears that some of this activity is in order to perform work-related tasks, such as more quickly and effectively communicating with coworkers and colleagues, sharing ideas and knowledge with multiple people in multiple places, and as a way to make new connections that will enhance careers and professional lives.

My take-away is that it is becoming really important to help employers understand and develop ways that will embrace social media use in the workplace in order to reinforce all those core competencies and behaviors we are constantly trying to train and model. It is also apparent that we can learn a lot from employees and ways they work around the things that are stifling their best performance in the workplace. Our role in HR, connecting these dots for employers and companies, sounds like a huge opportunity to contribute to overall company success, and that it is long overdue.

The full report from Silkroad can be found Silkroad Social Media Report.



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