giving back…

I have served on the board of directors with my local SHRM chapter for about 6 months. Although I have attended meetings with both PIHRA and SHRM locally since I moved to southern California, after a few years I realized that I had stopped making events in my local area a priority. National events like the SHRM Strategy Conference and the national SHRM Conference have always been important to me because they help me refresh and connect with ambitious HR professions. Since I was missing out on some opportunities for these same things more frequently and locally, I decided to start attending chapter meetings again. From there, I learned that board positions were available, had some great conversations with board members, and decided I wanted to get involved and make a contribution.

I have been serving as Secretary for the local chapter for only a few months, and will be transitioning to Membership in January. It has been a great experience, and I have really loved meeting the board members, making the monthly chapter events a priority, and being part of a community of people that are passionate about providing learning opportunities in the local area for HR professionals (and students).

I was so delighted to see a post on UpstartHR about the benefits of local SHRM chapter activity and board involvement. Being open and willing to help out as needed was a great way for me to jump in and get involved.  The Secretary position helped me learn about the chapter, get to know the members, and have a little time to learn about the different roles. As I transition to the Membership chair position, I have learned that there are a lot of resources out there, such as conference calls with board members across the country, online resources, and of course, people in the local area that have served on the board and are still active. When I attended the SHRM Strategy Conference a few weeks ago in Palm Springs, I met a few members of the national board and had an opportunity to talk about my experience on the board so far. They provided me with even more resources and opportunities to make a local impact.

Giving back is something I generally thought of when it came to connecting to those outside the HR profession.  Giving back within it has been rewarding and I am excited to keep learning.  Check out opportunities in your area and find out how giving back can be rewarding for your own career development.


2 thoughts on “giving back…

  1. Yes! Everything is so much more rewarding when you are participating rather than merely observing. The more you put into anything, the more you get back, so the cycle continues!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Joey! Totally agree with your sentiments. I started when I joined our chapter as a way to get to know people. I’m shy in large groups and the team I worked with on the board helped me to grow out of that and really make some strong connections in the chapter.

    Good luck with your role next year!

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