building credibility…

medium_6811140195We can’t always control how we are perceived, but I believe that the way each of us is perceived by others is based largely on credibility.  Credibility defines whether we are seen as experts, as trusted advisers, as thought leaders, and as professionals.  Credibility is difficult to measure, but we know it when we see it, and we know it when we don’t.  Building credibility as an HR professional is never complete, can never be checked off the “to-do” list.  In order to both build, and then sustain professional credibility, it is important that we are always striving to learn not only from others, but also from ourselves and our failures.

I read an article recently that proclaimed the importance of “failing fast”.  It took me a while to grasp it, but after thinking about it, I realized that I see the ability to identify failure quickly, learn from it, and move on as a strong characteristic of truly credible professionals.  Learning and gaining confidence by failing isn’t always intuitive, especially for anyone more focused on perfection than on growth.  But I realize that the most credible professionals I know fail, but the way they apply their failures, and how quickly they move through to successes is what defines them.

photo credit: Krissy.Venosdale via photopin cc


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