taking a leap of faith…

I am a planner.  I can’t help it!  Instead of learning that taking a leap of faith sometimes, and frequently, does actually work out just fine, I remember the times I didn’t plan enough, know enough, ask enough questions…  But lately I am realizing that this analysis paralysis is worse than waiting for things to be perfect before making a move.  I looked for some inspiration, and realized that there are a lot of professionals out there proclaiming to just try it, try something, anything, and it will get the gears moving.  Your unique skills and talents will start teaching you and growing you through mistakes and through successes you wouldn’t have otherwise experienced, and you will end up somewhere better, with more options and with more knowledge.

My sources of inspiration lately are Danielle LaPorte, Julie Cameron, and Suzannah Conway.

Here I go…

photo credit: Luke Redmond via photopin cc



2 thoughts on “taking a leap of faith…

  1. As my mother-in-law says about taking action “Just do something, even it it’s wrong!” I try not to do the wrong stuff, but there is a lot to be said for taking action without having all the facts (Is that faith? I think so…)

    : )

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